The 8 Best Mobile Game Publishers for Indie Developers

The 8 Best Mobile Game Publishers for Indie Developers

For indie developers, partnering with the right mobile game publishers is crucial to achieving success in this competitive landscape.

A reliable publisher can provide support, marketing expertise, and access to a wider audience, amplifying the reach and impact of indie games.

In this listicle, we will highlight the 8 best mobile game publishers for indie developers, presenting their strengths, success stories, and the benefits they offer to aspiring game creators.

Why Working with a Mobile Game Publisher Is Important?

In the highly competitive mobile gaming market, indie developers face significant challenges in gaining visibility and attracting users to their games.

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Working with a mobile game publisher can be a game-changer for indie developers. Here’s why:

Access to a Wider Audience

Mobile game publishers have established distribution channels, user bases, and marketing expertise.

Partnering with a publisher provides indie games with exposure to a larger audience, increasing the chances of reaching more players and gaining traction in the competitive mobile gaming market.

Marketing Expertise

Mobile game publishers bring valuable marketing knowledge and resources to the table.

They can create targeted marketing campaigns, leverage social media platforms, and employ various promotional strategies to maximize the visibility and impact of indie games.

Financial Support and Development Resources

Many mobile game publishers offer financial support to indie developers, helping to cover development costs and providing resources to enhance the quality of the game.

Additionally, publishers can offer guidance, mentorship, and access to their network of industry professionals, contributing to the overall development process.

Higher Revenue and Profitability

Partnering with a mobile game publisher can significantly increase the revenue potential for indie games.

Publishers have established monetization strategies, partnerships with advertisers, and expertise in optimizing revenue streams.

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This can lead to higher profitability for indie developers, supporting future video game development endeavors.

Let’s explore the eight best mobile game publishers and understand how they can propel indie games to new heights.

List of Mobile Game Publishers for Indie Games

1. Team17

With an impressive track record and experience spanning over three decades, Team17 has established itself as one of the best video game publishers for indie developers.

Team17 Games
From Team17 website

They have successfully launched numerous indie games across various genres, including titles like “Overcooked!” and “The Escapists”.

Team17 offers developers a strong distribution network, marketing capabilities, and developer support, making them an excellent choice for indie game creators.

2. Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital is renowned for its focus on innovative and unique indie games. They have a reputation for supporting indie developers and giving them creative freedom.

Devolver Digital games
From Devolver Digital website

Devolver Digital has published hit titles like “Hotline Miami” and “Katana ZERO,” demonstrating their expertise in curating exceptional indie games.

Their unconventional marketing strategies and commitment to developer support make them an attractive publisher for indie game developers.

3. Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge is a publisher known for its dedication to publishing meaningful and emotionally engaging games.

Serenity Forge Games
From Serenity Forge website

They have a strong focus on narrative-driven experiences and have published critically acclaimed titles like “The King’s Bird” and “Neversong.”

Serenity Forge’s commitment to supporting developers’ artistic visions and their expertise in publishing thought-provoking games make them an ideal choice for indie game creators.

4. Noodlecake Studios

Noodlecake Studios is an indie game publisher that combines indie game development and publishing expertise.

Noodlecake Studios Games
From Noodlecake Studios website

They have successfully launched indie games across various genres and platforms, such as “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy” and “The Bug Butcher.”

Noodlecake Studios offers comprehensive support to indie developers, including marketing assistance, monetization strategies, and platform optimization, making them valuable partners for indie game creators.

5. Versus Evil

Versus Evil is a publisher known for its strong emphasis on community engagement and long-term partnerships. They have published successful indie games like “Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire” and “The Banner Saga.”

Versus Evil Games
From Versus Evil website

Versus Evil provides indie developers with a range of services, including marketing support, localization, and user acquisition strategies.

Their commitment to fostering developer-publisher relationships and community building sets them apart as a trusted mobile game publisher.

6. tinyBuild Games

tinyBuild Games is a publisher that has made a name for itself by supporting indie developers and publishing unique and quirky games.

tinyBuild Games
From tinyBuild Games website

They have published popular indie titles like “Hello Neighbor” and “Party Hard.” tinyBuild Games offers a range of services to indie developers, including marketing support, QA testing, and porting assistance.

With their focus on innovative and unconventional games, they provide a platform for indie developers to showcase their creativity and reach a wide audience.

7. Humble Bundle Publishing

Humble Bundle Publishing is a publisher known for its commitment to supporting indie developers and charitable initiatives. They have published successful indie games like “A Hat in Time” and “Forager.”

Humble Bundle Publishing Games
From Humble Bundle website

Humble Bundle Publishing offers a range of resources to indie developers, including marketing assistance, development support, and access to their vast network of players and influencers.

Their dedication to social responsibility and developer empowerment makes them an excellent choice for indie game creators.

8. Fellow Traveller

Fellow Traveller is a mobile game publisher that focuses on narrative-driven indie games with unique storytelling elements.

Fellow Traveller Games
From Fellow Traveller website

They have published notable titles such as “Neo Cab” and “In Other Waters.” Fellow Traveller is dedicated to supporting indie developers and providing them with the resources and expertise needed to bring their vision to life.

They emphasize storytelling and immersive experiences and are a reliable partner for indie developers in the mobile gaming industry.


Choosing the right mobile game publisher is crucial for indie developers seeking success in the mobile gaming industry.

These eight best mobile game publishers can help indie developers navigate the competitive market, maximize visibility, and achieve success with their video game publishing work.

By partnering with these top mobile game publishers, indie developers can unlock opportunities to showcase their talent, reach a broader player base, and ultimately thrive in the dynamic world of mobile gaming.

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