What Are AAA Games?

Are you a die-hard video game fan? If so, you’ve likely heard the term “AAA games” tossing around at some point.

But what exactly classifies as an AAA game? Are there specific requirements that determine whether a game is an AAA game or not?

In this article, we will dive deep into the world of AAA games and everything surrounding them!

What Are AAA Games?

AAA games (Triple-A games) are big-budget, high-quality games that everyone can’t wait to get their hands on. You can think of them as the blockbuster movies of the gaming industry.

However, it is worth noting that AAA games do not necessarily have to be developed by top AAA game developers.

These games are typically developed by large and established gaming studios with huge budgets. They have stunning game graphics, intricate storylines, intense gameplay, and high production value.

Difference Between AAA and Indie Games

AAA games offer immersive experiences that keep you hooked for hours and hours. Plus, it’s not just about the budget or the size of the studio.

AAA games are typically developed by big game publishers with lots of resources and are marketed on a grand scale. They often have cutting-edge graphics, massive open worlds, and a team of hundreds of developers working on them.

Indie games versus AAA games

On the other hand, indie games are developed by smaller teams with limited resources. They often have unique storytelling, art styles, and gameplay mechanics.

They can be just as innovative and creative as AAA games but with a different approach.

For starters, idle games are much more casual and don’t require as much time or dedication as AAA games do.

The decision between playing an AAA or indie game ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, exploring both types of games can lead to a deeper appreciation of the vast and diverse gaming world.

What Makes a Game AAA?

To put it simply, an AAA game has the highest production value possible, making them some of the most expensive video games to develop.

This means that it has top-notch graphics, sound, gameplay mechanics, story, and good game ratings. But that’s not all.

Additionally, AAA games are expected to be innovative and push the limits of gaming technology. They are meant to be the ultimate gaming experience, delivering hours of entertainment and excitement.

Ultimately, what sets AAA games apart is the amount of time, money, and effort that the developers invest in them.

Can Mobile Games/Indie Games Be AAA?

Gaming has come a long way, with more and more indie developers and mobile game makers creating captivating games.

But can mobile and indie games be AAA? The answer isn’t straightforward!

A screen with AAA text

In terms of production values, mobile games are limited by the technology available, but that doesn’t mean they can’t offer the same level of fun and engagement as AAA games.

Candy Crush and Angry Birds have millions of players and generate millions of dollars in revenue. So It’s not difficult to see the potential of mobile gaming at all.

PC gaming and console gaming are also important platforms for many top games as they offer flexibility, customization options, and the ability to deliver the best graphics and performance.

Similarly, indie games offer unique gameplay mechanics and engaging narratives that sometimes surpass what AAA developers offer.

Whether a game is AAA or indie, what truly matters is whether it offers quality gameplay and an enjoyable experience to players.

Are There AA, A, B, or even C Games?

If you’re new to the gaming world, you may be wondering whether there are AA, A, B, or C games out there.

While these labels do exist, not many people use them within the industry. Instead, games are typically classified based on their genre, platform, or target audience.

So while you may stumble across games with these ratings, you won’t hear them referenced as often as you would, say, a first-person shooter or puzzle game.

Why Are AAA Games Important?

AAA video game releases are the real deal in the world of gaming.

They’re the games that take the gaming industry by storm and set the bar for everything that follows. These games are made by experienced developers who know what true gamers want.

The result is a polished, innovative, and most importantly, fun game.

AAA titles are important because they entertain and push the boundaries of what gaming can do.

AAA titles are a big reason why the gaming industry has become a behemoth in the entertainment world and why gamers can’t wait to see what’s next!

The Most 16 Famous AAA Game Studios

These are the companies that produce the biggest, most ambitious, and most impressive games you can buy. In the world of gaming, the “AAA studio” title is the highest accolade.

A compilation of AAA video games

But who are these studios? Let’s take a look at the most famous AAA game studios!

  1. Tencent
  2. Sony Interactive Entertainment
  3. Microsoft
  4. Electronic Arts (EA)
  5. Activision Blizzard
  6. Ubisoft
  7. Nintendo
  8. Take-Two Interactive (includes Rockstar Games)
  9. Square Enix
  10. Konami
  11. Capcom
  12. Bethesda Game Studios
  13. Bandai Namco
  14. CD Projekt Red
  15. Epic Games
  16. Naughty Dog

If you’re a fan of big, bombastic, and visually stunning games, you owe it to yourself to check out what these gaming studios have to offer.

18 Best AAA Games

You’re sure to find something that suits your taste, whether you enjoy older games or are searching for the newest releases.

And let’s not forget about the top publishers in the game industry. These companies have been churning out blockbuster games from Ubisoft to EA to Activision for years.

So, let’s take a look at some examples of AAA games!

  1. Grand Theft Auto V: This open-world action-adventure game by Rockstar Games was released in 2013. It has since become one of the top AAA games of all time, earned over $7.5 billion in revenue, and sold over 135 million copies worldwide.
  2. Call of Duty: Warzone: This battle royale shooter in the Modern Warfare universe has generated over $4 billion in revenue since its launch in 2020.
  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: This FPS is the best-selling game of 2019 in revenue. It grossed over $1.92 billion in digital sales worldwide.
  4. Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Another successful game with $1.57 billion in revenue and selling 30 million copies globally.
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2: Rockstar Games’ 2018 Western action-adventure game earned nearly $725 million within its first week of release. It became one of the best-selling video games of all time, with 27 million units sold as of April 2020.
  6. FIFA 21: This AAA game is an annual soccer simulator that has made over $1.34 billion and sold more than 25 million copies worldwide.
  7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Bethesda Softworks’ 2011 action role-playing game is among the highest-grossing video games ever made! Earning $1 billion from its releases on multiple gaming platforms and selling over 30 million copies to date.
  8. Overwatch: Blizzard Entertainment made this team-based multiplayer shooting game in 2016. It has since garnered a huge fan base and generated over $1 billion from gaming market sales.
  9. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Ubisoft’s action role-playing video game based on Viking history is one of the bestselling games of 2020, having sold more than 10 million copies and generating over $1 billion in revenue since its launch.
  10. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, this tactical shooter video game was released in 2015 and continues to be popular among gamers. It earned over $1 billion in revenue with over 60 million copies sold.
  11. Cyberpunk 2077: This AAA futuristic open-world game is expected to make over $800 million and has sold 13 million copies since its launch in 2020.
  12. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: The latest installment from the Call of Duty franchise, Treyarch developed this shooter game in 2020 and has earned over $678 million in digital sales globally.
  13. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Insomniac Games developed this superhero action-adventure video game exclusively for Sony. It quickly became one of their most successful titles ever, selling more than 33 million copies and generating close to $574 million in sales since its launch in 2018.
  14. Horizon Zero Dawn: Guerrilla Games’ open-world action role-playing video game is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s second best-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive title, with more than 20 million copies sold, generating close to $565 million dollars as of December 2020, according to Statista research data reports.
  15. God Of War: SIE Santa Monica Studio’s soft reboot for Kratos’ character marked an incredible success in 2018 for PlayStation 4. It earned Sony a total amount surpassing 536 million dollars through both physical copies sold and digital downloads worldwide.
  16. Monster Hunter: World: Capcom’s action role-playing game released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in 2018 is one of the company’s highest-selling games ever, with around 18.6 million copies sold worldwide and total revenue estimated at approximately $467 million dollars so far.
  17. The Last Of Us Part II: Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed sequel, which shattered records when it launched last year, has reached an astonishing 2.8 million sold copies across all platforms within its first three months alone, with total revenue that adds up to well over $302 million.
  18. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Launched in 2015, and with more than has sold over 40 million copies and earned over $265 million in revenue. This AAA game is one of the best-selling RPG video games ever!

It’s worth noting that the numbers may not be 100% accurate, as we calculate them with the number of copies sold.

To learn more about the top-grossing and top-selling video game franchises, check out this “15 Top Grossing Video Games of All Time (2023)” article.

The Future of AAA Games

As technology continues to expand and become more advanced, it’s only natural that the AAA games world is evolving.

While we’ve already seen incredible advancements in graphics, game engines, and gameplay, the future of AAA games promises to be even more exciting.

A deep harmony AAA game screen with cute characters

From virtual reality experiences and artificial intelligence to elaborate open-world environments, game development is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

But it’s not just about aesthetics – the future of AAA games also holds the potential for more immersive storytelling and unique gameplay mechanics.

It’s an exciting time to be a gamer, and there’s no telling what the future will bring. One thing is for sure, though – we’re in for some incredible new AAA games in the years to come.


Although AAA games can come at a significant cost, their immersive storyline, revolutionary game graphics, and top-of-the-line technology provide players with a level of entertainment they could not get anywhere else.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable gaming experience— single or multiplayer—look no further than a AAA game.

Despite being pricey and sometimes time-consuming, you won’t regret your decision when you are exploring new lands with your favorite characters or solving challenging puzzles like never before.

With so many genres to explore, everyone will surely find something they love in the selection of upcoming AAA games!

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