A comprehensive guide on how to publish game on steam

Guide on How to Successfully Publish Your Game on Steam

Recognized as the leading platform for game distribution, Steam boasts an unparalleled connection to a global gaming community. Developers benefit from Steam’s expansive network, gaining access to over 132 million monthly active users across 249 countries. This platform supports 80+ payment methods, offers pricing in 35+ currencies, and ensures distribution through more than 400 servers worldwide.

The importance of tapping into this vast user base cannot be overstated for game developers looking to make a mark in the industry.

Why Publish on Steam?

Publishing on Steam offers unparalleled access to a diverse and engaged gaming audience worldwide. The platform not only provides a robust infrastructure for distribution and payment processing but also enhances visibility in a competitive market.

With Steam’s evolving landscape, which now includes significant numbers of players preferring Simplified Chinese, staying updated on the platform’s user base is crucial for targeting and localization strategies​.

A game publisher publishing a game on steam

7 Steps to Publishing a Game on Steam

1. Preparing Your Game for Steam

  • Choose the Right Engine: Each engine has a specific process for packaging games for Steam.
  • Steam Direct: Complete digital paperwork, pay an app fee, and verify your identity to start the process​.

2. Enhancing Your Game’s Page

  • Coming Soon Pages: Build anticipation with a preview of your game.
  • Custom Store Page: Utilize keywords and support multiple languages for better discovery.
  • Graphical Assets: Select banners and screenshots carefully to attract attention​​.

3. Managing Your Game’s Business

  • Analytics: Use Steam’s sales data and analytics for informed decisions.
  • Playtest and DRM: Implement Steam Playtest for feedback and choose DRM options wisely​.

4. Marketing and Visibility

  • Community Engagement: Use wishlists, Early Access, and engage in forums.
  • Visibility Boosts: Participate in sales events and use updates to stay relevant​​.

5. Virtual Reality Integration

  • SteamVR Compatibility: Ensure your game meets VR requirements for Steam​​.

6. Understanding Financial Aspects

  • Steam Direct Fee: A $100 fee that’s recoupable after your game reaches $1,000 in sales.
  • Tax and Refund Reporting: Navigate through Steam’s financial tools for a smooth financial operation​.

7. The Release Process

  • Store and Game Build Preparation: Ready your store page and game build for review.
  • Review and Release: Submit for Valve’s review before hitting the release button​.


Publishing your game on Steam is a significant step towards achieving success in the gaming industry. By following the outlined steps and leveraging Steam’s comprehensive resources, developers can maximize their game’s potential for a successful launch.

Embrace the opportunity to showcase your game to a global audience and join the vibrant community of developers on Steam.

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