Best Online Gaming Communities To Join in 2024

Best Online Gaming Communities To Join in 2024

The year 2024 marks a significant year in the gaming world, with numerous new releases captivating gamers worldwide.

Alongside these exciting new titles, there are also multiple gaming communities and forums.

These platforms not only offer a space for individuals who share the same interests to connect but also serve as valuable sources of guidance and tutorials.

In this article, we’ll show you some top gaming communities to join in 2024!

Top 9 Best Online Gaming Communities in 2024

It’s not too hard to understand what gaming communities are, even if you’re a newcomer.

These are virtual spaces where you can chat, ask for advice, or simply team up to earn in-game achievement. These communities allow opportunities to foster friendships, enhance gaming skills, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

Even though there are tons of best gaming forums out there, they all follow similar rules and guidelines. No matter which one you decide to join, it’s advisable to be kind, friendly, and respectful to everyone.

Being rude, discriminating, or violating can get you kicked out of the group, so it’s best to treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the world of the best gaming communities!

1. r/pcgaming

A screenshot of r/pcgaming subreddit

r/pcgaming is a subreddit community and one of the best gaming subreddit on Reddit, ranking in the top 1% by size, thanks to its more than 3.5 million members.

This community is buzzing with activity, with over 4,000 members online at any given time. This means that questions or inquiries posted here are quickly addressed.

One standout feature of this subreddit is its weekly game suggestions thread.

Still, have no idea which games you should play this week? Simply head to the pinned post, and you’re good to go!

2. GameFAQs

A screenshot of the GameFAQs website

GameFAQs is one of the best places to turn to when you find yourself stuck in your gaming adventures and in need of tutorials.

With 23 years since its birth, this forum features walkthroughs for nearly every game, whether it’s on Windows, consoles, or even the Nintendo Switch.

If you’re still having trouble despite the extensive walkthroughs available, simply create a new account and make a post; there will be someone who will walk you through your gaming challenges.

3. Minecraft Forum

A screenshot of the Minecraft forum

The Minecraft Forum may be solely dedicated to Minecraft, but given the game’s popularity, it’s no surprise that its community is rapidly growing.

This gaming forum is everything you need for Minecraft. It offers comprehensive coverage of game updates with easy accessibility.

Additionally, there are dedicated sections for maps and resource packs, complete with detailed guidelines for downloading and enhancing your Minecraft experience.

If you’re looking to stay connected with Minecraft enthusiasts, the forum also provides a gaming Discord channel where you can chat and discuss everything related to Minecraft.

4. r/Pokemon

A screenshot of r/Pokemon Discord invitation

While r/pokemon may seem like just another Pokémon subreddit, it’s actually one of the largest Pokémon communities on one of the biggest gaming platforms, Discord.

Thanks to large numbers of members (more than 350,000 members), this server provides a platform for a wide range of ideas and discussions. Its extensive size facilitates conversations and debates covering every aspect of the Pokémon franchise, including games, anime, and comics, etc.

A standout feature of this server is its trading channel, where trainers can exchange Pokémon, learn catching techniques, and access valuable guides from others.

Furthermore, r/Pokemon offers a special channel for socializing beyond Pokémon discussions. Here, you can talk about other games or engage in various non-Pokémon-related topics.

Lastly, for those inclined toward art, there’s an art channel where members can freely share their creative works inspired by their favorite Pokémon.

5. Nintendo Life

A screenshot of the NintendoLife website

As its name suggests, Nintendo Life is designed for individuals who own or play games on Nintendo’s products, including the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and older devices.

The website features a wealth of valuable articles and tips, ranging from recommendations on which Nintendo versions suit your budget to suggestions for Nintendo games perfect for your travels.

With a membership exceeding 1 million, its forum is vibrant and bustling.

Encountering issues with your Nintendo Switch and seeking a solution? Simply head to the Help and Troubleshooting section, where you can find assistance from fellow members.

Moreover, there’s a vast game library where you can browse through thousands of titles or conveniently download saved files from others to enhance your Nintendo experience.

6. r/leagueoflegends

A screenshot of r/leagueoflegends subreddit

r/leagueoflegends stands out as one of the largest and most active communities dedicated to League of Legends on the internet, with over 7 million members and ranking among the top gaming subreddits.

Similar to other subreddits, r/leagueoflegends offers a plethora of daily news and discussions covering everything from official game updates to member highlight videos and discussions about LOL tournaments or events.

Additionally, the gamer community encourages open conversations and discussions about skills, guides, advice, or any related topics, provided that members follow the rules and maintain a respectful attitude toward others.

7. r/GameDeals

A screenshot of r/GameDeals subreddit

Rather than focusing on guides, tips, tricks, or in-game tutorials, r/GameDeals specializes in showcasing the best deals to help you snag your dream games at more affordable prices.

Simply join this subreddit, scroll down, or type in the name of the game you’re interested in – you might just find it available at a significantly discounted rate.

8. Gaming Latest

A screenshot of the Gaming Latest website

Gaming Latest brings back the old, retro way to stay tuned with the news, but this forum is actually more than that.

The specific World of Gaming section splits the platform into PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, or PC, allowing for better accessibility to quickly access and search for the topic you want.

On top of that, there are many more things you can explore in this gaming community, including discussions on gear, hardware, PC building, or gaming feedback, which showcase the thoughts of previous gamers on the game.

9. Valorant LFG

A screenshot of Valorant LFG Discord invitation

Valorant LFG is a must-join server for anyone playing Valorant and looking for a group (hence its name, LFG).

The server is designed to connect you with other players, allowing you to team up and enjoy Valorant at its finest. There are various options to choose from, whether you prefer duos, trios, quads, or assembling a full team.

Although some channels require a small monthly fee to unlock (such as general chat and team support), it’s entirely affordable and worth the investment.


Overall, there are numerous gaming groups and communities that are worth joining in 2024.

Whether you’re seeking advice, looking for teammates, or simply want to share your passion for gaming with like-minded individuals, these communities have something for everyone.

Furthermore, joining gaming communities can also open doors to exciting opportunities such as participating in tournaments, accessing exclusive content, and even collaborating with developers on game improvements.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the top 9 above and become a part of these communities today!

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