Best Indie Games Published on Steam (2024)

Best Indie Games Published on Steam (2024)

As we enter 2024, the indie game community on Steam has once again delivered various captivating titles that push the boundaries of creativity.

These games aren’t just fun; they lead us to new worlds where all our imagination is possible with the ingenuity of indie game developers.

In this article, let’s check out the best indie games on Steam in 2024!

Top Indie Games of 2024 Published on Steam

Step into the world of the best indie Steam games. Here, we showcase our top picks of the year 2024.

1. Potions: A Curious Tale

Do you want to engage in a magic adventure where your greatest weapon is potions? Then delve into the world of Potions: A Curious Tale.

You play as Luna, who is the young witch on her adventure to conquer devious puzzles. She has special abilities to craft potions and quick thinking to overcome all obstacles standing in her way. With these abilities on hand, you can use potions cleverly to outsmart your enemies, making them run away by charming or scaring them.

A screenshot from Potions: A Curious Tale
Image from Steam

Set in a whimsical world inspired by fairy tales and folklore, Luna has to overcome a journey of self-discovery and growth, navigate through various environments, and adopt bizarre ingredients. But she’s not alone in this quest! Her grandmother and cat, Helios, are by her side to guide her through obstacles.

As the game mechanic revolves around potion crafting, there are more than 100 unique potions for you to explore and experience! You must concoct different potions to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to progress through this Steam indie game.

But the game is not solely about the adventure; it is also about the maturing process of Luna. With each puzzle solved, Luna grows not only as a witch but also as a person. Along the journey, she can learn lessons about courage, friendship, and the true meaning of magic.

2. Sifu

Sifu is an action-packed indie game developed by Sloclap in 2024, one of the best indie games Steam about Kung Fu.

You are in the role of a young martial artist who seeks revenge for the death of your family. As a third-person brawler, the gameplay revolves around skill, strategy, and perseverance. You’re a solo warrior on a path to confront lots of adversaries and beat them with your skill and strategies.

A screenshot from Sifu
Image from Steam

From the moment you engage in this indie game, you can choose between a male or female character. Then, your adventure begins with various challenges as you have to defeat cunning foes. They come to you unexpectedly and forcefully, so you have to stay alert and react quickly to dodge their attacks.

What makes Sifu stand out from others is its innovative aging mechanic. As you progress through the game, your character’s age increases accordingly to each defeat. So, you have to balance the battle with the fact that you are getting weaker as time goes on.

3. Chronique des Silencieux

Chronique des Silencieux is one of Steam’s indie games that you should try if you love exploring detective mysteries with point-and-click elements. The game is full of story-driven adventures so it requires you to uncover hidden secrets and make decisions that can affect the outcome of the story.

You will be in the role of Eugene, who has just arrived in a small French town. However, his plans take an unexpected turn when he discovers his uncle imprisoned. Suddenly, Eugene finds himself entangled in a dark mystery involving underground drug rings, brothels, murder, and more.

A screenshot from Chronique des Silencieux
Image from Steam

You’re almost solely in this investigation, so you have to use your observation and attention to detail skills to find connections between things, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets.

Although it’s a bit vague at first, you will gradually discover the clues to navigating throughout the game. Ultimately, find yourself incredibly rewarded as you uncover the layers of intrigue woven throughout the town.

4. Home Safety Hotline

Home Safety Hotline is one of the Steam games that provide you with exceptional experience. While it is regarded as a horror game, its approach is a bit different.

You are in a call center, waiting for people to call you about their weird household problems. After that, you will use a Windows 98-style database as a companion to find out what is happening in your callers’s homes.

A screenshot from Home Safety Hotline
Image from Steam

From strange noises upstairs to weird happenings in the basement, you’ll face a series of chilling situations. Solving some beginning cases is not too hard, but you have to pay more attention as the game progresses. You can leverage detective skills and quick thinking to solve the mysteries behind each call.

The game already has a horror theme. As you crack each case, the tension will rise with more thrilling scenarios, so you should prepare for even greater and scarier challenges ahead.

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5. Go Mecha Ball

Go Mecha Ball is a unique indie game that combines pinball and twin-stick shooting. As you engage in the game, it will throw you into a fast-paced world where you must master both speed and precision to survive.

If you’re too slow, there are lots of enemies that will come at you and it can be really hard to handle. But going fast has its challenges, too, because it’s tough to be accurate when you’re moving quickly.

A screenshot from Go Mecha Ball
Image from Steam

So, you have to strike the balance between speed and being precise to get through the levels. You have to use ramps and dash into enemies at just the right times.

If you lose all your health, the game ends. But it’s so fun and addictive that you’ll want to start again right away.

So, we can say that Go Mecha Ball is a prominent example that shows creativity and innovation in video game development. If you’re ready for an adventure that tests your skills, this game is an ideal choice.

6. The Cub

The Cub has the same video game developers as Golf Club Wasteland. It is placed within the same game universe but with a different twist; there is no scrolling golf.

Instead, it is a side-scrolling platforming adventure game in which you play as the Cub, a young boy exploring a lonely Earth abandoned by humans. The Earth is now not like before, as the air is toxic, and scientists from Mars are seeking the Cub for research samples.

A screenshot from The Cub
Image from Steam

This is not a long game to finish as it only takes you from three to four hours to finish. However, the way it mixes slower stealth parts with fast-paced action makes it more interesting for you to play. You need to sneak past scientists and move quickly to survive.

If you’ve already enjoyed Golf Club Wasteland, you can try playing this game from the same game publishers as well.

7. Bahnsen Knights

Bahnsen Knights is the third game in LCB Game Studio’s Pixel Pulps trilogy, which is perfect for fans who love mysterious stories and retro-style animations.

However, this game might not be everyone’s top favorite as it provides unique visuals and an intense story. It will take you into the world of interactive pulp fiction, where religious fanatics, fierce tornadoes, and Ford Sierras collide.

A screenshot from Bahnsen Knights
Image from Steam

So, if you’re actually into this kind of game, think of Bahnsen Knights as a storybook that you can play. It’ll only take you a few hours to finish, but you’ll be hooked from start to finish.

Sure, there might be a couple of parts that aren’t as fun, like the driving minigame. But don’t worry, it is still a fantastic option that you should not miss playing.

8. Lil’ Guardsman

In Lil’ Guardsman, you are in the role of Lil, a 12-year-old girl who unexpectedly takes over her father’s role as the town’s guardsman.

You have to do various tasks, such as talking to visitors entering the town to determine their motives, whether they’re harmless tourists or potential threats that aim to disrupt the peace.

A screenshot from Lil’ Guardsman
Image from Steam

Although these decisions might seem challenging at first, and you can make mistakes, the game encourages you to learn and improve from experience.

But do you know what truly sets Lil’ Guardsman apart from other free Steam games?

The answers are its captivating visual style and humorous writing. It has a charming, chunky 2D art style bursting with vibrant colors and humorous writing that is sure to make you laugh while playing.


The indie games on Steam in 2024 have been a blast!

Video game publishers have provided various titles with bursts of creativity and fun that add so much color and excitement to the gaming world.

So, let’s keep diving into their awesome games in 2024! After all, you will never know what you might discover in this world of indie gaming.

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